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    Custom IDE and multitenant service in the cloud

    Hello all,

    We are a small startup with a niche specialization. Here is the scenario. We have a .NET WCF service, which we sell to enterprises. The service runs based on proprietary markup-based scripts / configurations.

    We want to make it available for self-service subscription. We don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of scaling, allocation, billing the users, etc. and delegate all the plumbing concerns to 3rd party services.

    The user's experience is the following:

    1. The users subscribe to the service (say, with a free trial), upon subscription obtaining their credentials.
    2. They choose a script template, or create a new one in the cloud IDE (like Cloud 9). The IDE has to have automatic completion, syntax highlighting, etc. but that should not be too difficult because we have an XSD for our format, and even the simplest of XML editors allow automatic completion based on XSDs.
    3. They save their script, and try to test-drive the service. Two choices here. Either they are allocated a separate WCF instance (preferred), or maybe we modify the service to accept multiple scripts (currently not the case).
    4. If happy, they obtain the WCF information, credentials, etc. and connect it wherever they want.

    The question is, are there relevant providers that can slash the effort involved? Like, user management, IDE, etc.

    What PaaS is preferred here - Azure?
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    To my understanding , this is a custom service , im not sure about your exact requirement , but instead of providing IDE, i would prefer creating a Separate APP from which user can call the predefined methods along with passing custom params

    Any true windows cloud provider would do, Check Azure and Amazon EC
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    Thanks, Ahmed.

    Yes, it's always a possibility, but it would be easier if it were possible to mash things.

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    For Authentication and User Manage, try Stormpath.
    I <3 Linux Clusters

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    Quote Originally Posted by x86brandon View Post
    For Authentication and User Manage, try Stormpath.
    If it's not integrated with subscription, how is it better than the built-in capabilities of Azure?

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