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    Exclamation Looking for a VPS max. $40 a month

    I have 2 SMF forums (one of them is very active the other is not) and a blog

    - It must have 24/7 technical support. Preferably live chat support or skype. I dont usually need things but when I do I should be able to find a person to deal with that right away.
    - Must have at leasr 2gb guranteed ram
    - Must have at least 50gb space. More I have would be better of course.
    - Must have good CPU
    - They need to migrate my whole website from the current host.
    - Must be managed. I dont know the linux stuff so I probably wont need much but when I have a problem with the server they have to fix it for me.

    - I have my own cpanel so I dont need any control panel.
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    This probably goes without saying however depending on who you go with having "Live Support" can drive up the price.

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    You should be able to find this easily with live chat support. Will you be using the cPanel license you have or no? Usually providers will only manage if you have cPanel installed.

    Any specific location?

    - Daniel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Website_Ist View Post
    - I have my own cpanel so I dont need any control panel.
    Have you purchased annual cPanel license??

    Managed VPS plans mostly comes with included cpanel license. So, you may need to contact hosting provider to reduce price from their plan.

    I suggest you to search VPS offer section and short list few providers. And then search for their reviews and WHT and Google.
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    Make sure to ask what managed support will cover. Most hosting companies will help you only with server stuff/issues, so if you got something broken with your forum, blog etc... they dont't care.|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
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    A decent managed node with 24/7 live help will cost you a bit more, between $50 and $60 for a decent node.
    Keep in mind quality and live support comes at a price and if you don't want to compromise you should be willing to pay extra, for extra piece of mind.

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    Without cpanel you'll find a provider in your price range easily. Go to RocketVPS or KnownHost. They'll take good care of you. Hostigation used to have my recommendation, but after the node failure, and no data recovered it doesn't seem like a good choice for you.

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    For your budget you will find a service who will sell you a server but not the support your require. You should make a decision being shall i go for the cheap server or pay for the support. its simple as that

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    You could try crissic. This is the best VPS solution I have ever seen.

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    Got a managed server from

    They have gone above and beyond to configure my server.

    Will take very good care of you.
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    Make sure to ask how many hours of support / resolving issues on your vps the initial price covers.

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    Yes, with such limited budget it's rather hard to find a company with 7/24 live support. But I think it's possible - try to search among EU and Canadian companies.

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    You can try with namecheap but you have increase budget

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    You can try checking the advertising section and see If they offer true 24/7 support by navigating to their site and trying to contact them. You should try that a few times during different parts of the day.
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