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    ISO / MSP and Merchant Aggregation


    I was looking up this topic and I wanted to know the procedure to become a ISO / MSP of a bank to offer online merchant accounts.
    Is the process tough ? I know there is a $5000 fee for Visa and MasterCard each and then there is a $2500 annual renewal.

    I wanted to know how should one start the process of becoming an ISO / MSP.

    I also would like to know about if Merchant Aggregation (something like 2checkout) is a relatively easy option compared to ISO / MSP. What are the fees involved ?

    @cdgcommerce and @Corey_bryant or any other merchant industry expert. I would be really greatful if you could shed some light.
    I read your post here :

    Which bank would be best for ISO / MSP and Merchant Aggregation is best ?
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    Where are you located, country? Do you have the skills to maintain your own payment gateway or are you looking for some white label payment gateway?

    Have you any experience in this business or is it all new to you?

    Just a few question to clarify what would be next move...

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