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    Anturis monitoring tool

    So I just saw this:

    Anyone using it? Is it good ?

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    I haven't used this. Below are the monitoring tools which are best in market


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    Looks another very good server monitoring tool. Free plan is also good. Thank you for sharing
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    You can add zabbix to that list. Beside monitoring you can configure it to take certain maintenance actions.

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    I just tested anturis yesterday. The setup is very easy and after a few minutes you have a working monitoring. But I don't see that the solution scales so well when you have a lot of servers. I did not find configuration templates which could be added to new servers. Also the overview makes most probably no sense anymore when you have 200 servers.

    But maybe I just did not get the complete picture... I was just spending a few hours with this system. But when I compare it with Zabbix, Zenoss or Nagios, it was amazing what I was able to do after a few hours. Other systems take much more time to learn.

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    Zabbix it is a little bit complicated to install and configure but ones that is done it is highly scalable and putting new hosts in it is very easy.

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