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    Need inexpensive but high quality MediaWiki hosting

    I have a MediaWiki website on Hostgator right now, shared hosting, and it is way too slow. That plus the frequent downtimes in the past weeks makes me want to change.

    Finding a good host is hard, though.

    I'm considering LiquidWeb's standard $15/month hosting plan. Are they good?

    If not, what else would you recommend? I'm looking to spend less if possible. Website traffic is quite small for now but I intend it to go up.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Does it make any difference what hosting you use? I mean as long as mediawiki is concerned?
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    Probably not. It's just a Mysql/php program.

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    I believe you'd go with any web host which is not popular for selling "unlimited" and hosting Shared accounts on overloaded servers… The web host mentioned above has a good reputation. I'd not more about it, but it is better go with a company like this, then to go with an overseller.
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    inexpensive media wiki

    try openshift. i have my media wiki on openshift with mediawiki installed over there.

    i felt for media wiki kind of app open shift's free tire was ok.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HostColor View Post
    I believe you'd go with any web host which is not popular for selling "unlimited" and hosting Shared accounts on overloaded servers…
    Like he said (^): Any good shared host that doesn't overload their servers will do you fine.

    How many visitors do you get in a day? MediaWiki shouldn't be over intensive on system resources - unless you're using any plugins that cause the problem (be cautious with search ones, for instance), or unless you have lots of visitors.

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    Have you considered one of their recommended hosts? -

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