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    When did the auto-renew grace period go down to 2 weeks?

    I'm a reseller with NetEarthOne and a client has 3 domains (com, net, and org) that expired on Nov 23rd (2 weeks ago) and went into 'Pending Delete Restorable' today. It used to be a month grace. Has this gone down to 2 weeks for all LogicBoxes users or for all registrars?

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    I don't know the specific answer to your question, but it's worth noting that the "grace period" is really a courtesy and is not required by to be given by the registrar.

    I believe ICANN agreements with registrars gives a 30 day period after expiry, as part of your contract between the registrant and the registar. Any further time is just the registrar being nice (and wanting to make more money.)

    So as far as I am aware (I'm not an expert), it is perfectly within the rights of the registrar to do whatever they want with the domain once the contract expires (after 30 days is past the domain's expiry date).
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    I have had some resold by the registrar only 3 days after the exp date. Its really is a 'courtesy' and you risk losing it the day it expires. Thats why I made sure my hosts had a good policy of 30 days.
    Plus the shady ones will charge you like $200 to prevent the delete even in less then 30 days.

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