We have put together a great European colocation offer which includes 100 MBIT FOR FREE. Are you looking to expand into Europe, or are you unhappy with your existing European provider, then this is your chance to settle down with one of the best European hosting companies at a great price!

We now also have half racks, quarter racks, and per-U colocation available. Please contact us for the possibilities.

1/1 Private Rack Colocation
  • 46u rackspace (19")
  • Gigabit uplink to your rack
  • Uplinks are fully redundant (automated failover)
  • 100Mbps 95th percentile INCLUDED
  • Up to 16, 24, or 30 Amps (230V)
  • 0,19 per kWh (power usage is billed afterwards based on actual usage)
  • Possibility to add secondary power feed
  • IPv4 private subnet
  • IPv6 (dual-stack) available
  • Private VLAN
  • 24/7 support, average responsetime of just 15 minutes (day and night)
  • Remote Hands available 24/7
  • Realtime statistics

Pricing and contract options
  • Only 425 per month, NO setup fees!
  • Instant delivery
  • The free 100 Mbit traffic is included for the lifetime of your account!

Company details

Our network is fully redundant, with 10-Gigabit connection over physically separated paths. Every single networking device may fail without interupting connectivity. Our network administrators are monitoring the network 24/7 and take pro-active action immediately when any problem or anomaly is detected.

SolidHost is a reputation-driven company, which was founded in the year 2000 (in the USA - in Atlanta, GA) and currently has 13 employees covering 24/7 support. We mainly focus on managed hosting and we have a very international audience (the primary language within SolidHost is English). Over 90% of our clients are international and we partner a lot with hosting companies in the US (and other countries) who are looking to extend their existing products to the European market. We'd be happy to forward testimonials and referrals of satisfied clients (including various well established US-based hosting companies).

We can also offer remote hands, complete management and it's possible to order new servers (and other equipment) through us. You can also ship any equipment to us directly and we'll place it in your rack for you. Everything is possible and we do this on a daily basis for our existing clients.

Please contact for the possibilities at [email protected]. Also if you have any special needs, we'd be happy to work something out for you.