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    Question host for image site

    Hi i have an image hosting site which runs on Chevereto image hosting script and hosted with
    Early today i was told my account is suspended due to they do not allow image hosting sites.

    any one know a good hosting site that allows Image hosting?


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    What kind of image hosting you are running?
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    I think you have a Free Image Sharing website. You allow users to upload images and share on internet.

    You may consider a cheap VPS with nginx.
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    Are the images copyright protected or just a website anyone can upload images and share?
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    What is the maximum limit (MB) you allow to upload image size . I would recommend you for a Dedicated or a VPS for such services. Most of hosting company don't allow copyright material on server. Any complaint could cause a suspension of services. This is comman with most hosting companies.
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    It is image sharing site where basically anybody can upload any picture on it. But there's no other users except myself uploading pictures from my other sites.
    The traffic is too low (less than 100 a day) to consider vps.

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    Then find a shared host who doesn't offer unlimited space (our silly hundreds of GB), and discuss it with them before you start. I imagine many won't let your have arbitrary upload does because of the high probability that someone will upload copyright pictures and attract DMCA claims, or abusive images and attract DDOS. But they may let you host an upload script for your own private use. (Mind you, in your shoes I'd make sure nobody else is even capable of uploading images, otherwise you have to police it.)

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    Good luck if you want a popular image sharing site, you will need to check every image.

    If you read the tos of a host it should tell you whether they allow image sharing sites.
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    Why don't you consider using Amazon S3? Might be ideal for what you are doing? or try OnApp CDN?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pro Host View Post
    Good luck if you want a popular image sharing site, you will need to check every image.

    If you read the tos of a host it should tell you whether they allow image sharing sites.
    Woah never do this. Unless you wanna lose safe harbor and be responsible for every image uploaded.
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    Yea, this is very delicate job, and you have so much responsibility.
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    Also recommend VPS and Nginx.

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