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    Finding a host for multiple countries

    Hi, could anyone please tell me if it would be okay to use a host from the UK or US for multiple country websites or would it be best to find a host in each country? The websites will have simiilar content apart from pricing and will each have their own domain name according to that country.

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    with respect to website speed -> Yes, host in every country. But it's not necessary. I am from India, and my websites are hosted in US. Some of my websites load in 1-3 seconds.

    with respect to SEO -> can't say exactly. May be any SEO expert can comment on this.
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    It slightly depends which countries.

    It is (usually) true that a website will load fastest when the server is in the same country as the visitor. (Usually, rather than always, because in a few countries with a less well-developed internet infrastructure, it's just possible that you might get a better link to a neighbouring country than another computer in the same country. You can forget that possibility).

    However this is often overstated, especially where the UK and the US are concerned. I'm in the UK, and I get a ping of under 80ms to data centres on the US east coast. I get under 200ms to the west coast. That's tiny. A poor or overloaded server can add over a second to the load time of a web page, so this slight latency is going to be a small factor for an ordinary visitor to a website. (It's different for gaming and other uses). It's certainly not worth going to cheaper / inferior hosting in 3 locations - better to use one solid host.

    However, if you were talking about visitors from parts of Asia, Africa or Australia, it may make a bigger difference. (Edit: I just pinged an IP in the Philippines from the UK - 345ms.)

    Usually, even then, if this is a concern, the best thing is to use a CDN. Host the main website from somewhere well connected (like central US), then offload images, CSS and Javascript to a CDN (like Amazon CloudFront or MaxCDN) - those resources are then served up automatically from a location near to the visitor.

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    It will be best to let your website host as close as possible to your targeted audience.
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    So basically .uk on a United Kingdom host and a .us on a United States host.

    If I was you I'd start with one server in based where you are getting most website views from such as I am currently in the United States even though I live in the United Kingdom. But nothing is saying you can't get more servers later on when you need to. ILoveBilling
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    It would be okay to have one host.

    Having multiple hosts would give you redundancy so that all your websites would not be down all at once. Also having a host in each country should give users a faster loading website.

    I've seen that a .ca domain ranks better in search rankings compared to rankings. I don't believe that you need a Canadian host to accomplish this, though I have not confirmed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFSG View Post
    It will be best to let your website host as close as possible to your targeted audience.
    This is correct, but I would also recommend using a CDN like CloudFlare to direct traffic through a data center closest to your visitors.

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    Hi max007,

    It does not make sense to go and purchase a Shared Account (or any other type of hosting account) in any country/market you want to serve unless: a) these websites make enough money; b) it is very important to offer low latency to the website visitors.

    Other than that, having a number of Shared Accounts will increase the management effort. As others said, using a CDN is a good option, you need to consider. You'd also go host in any region where you get the best average latency to all markets of yours.
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    Thanks for the replies, that's a great help

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    Quote Originally Posted by max007 View Post
    would be okay to use a host from the UK or US for multiple country
    Yes, it's okay.

    And anybody that say otherwise doesn't understand SEO. Server location is NOT a determining factor of SEO, especially when combined with using Google/Bing Webmaster Tools.

    There's more to this topic, but I'm about to leave for now.
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