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    Exclamation Subdomain as hostname?

    Is this possible?

    - My main website (including domain) is hosted by X company
    - My dedicated server will be hosted by another company
    - I don't want to buy a second domain for the box. Can I use a subdomain as hostname for the box? example: or

    If so, how would I do it?

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    Not just possible but recommended - your hostname should be a FQDN.

    On the server hosting your main website, add an A record for pointing to the IP address of the new dedi. Then add rDNS if required (if you want to send email it probably is) at the dedicated server provider, to point the IP back to Job done.

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    Lets's say your domain name is :
    And your dedicated server IP is:
    And you want to create server hostname as:

    1) Login in cPanel of at X company and create a A record: ->

    2) Use as hostname for your dedicated server.

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    Thanks so much guys! Now to find a dedi provider...

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    Also wouldn't hurt to have a reverse record for that entry as well (if you can)... aka server.domain resolves to and also resolves to

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