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    About web development company


    i want to know what is the best and top web development company that Familiar with following tools:

    • DB2
    • Websphere Application Server
    • Linux
    • Active MQ
    • LDAP
    • Experience in Standard Java Programming (J2SE/JSE APIs like JDBC, JNDI, JAXP, JAAS, etc.)
    • Experience in Enterprise Java Programming (J2EE/JEE APIs like EJB Servlet/JSP/JSF, JMS, JAX-RPC/WS, JPA, JTA, JCA, etc.)
    • Experience in Development/Deployment on J2EE/JEE application servers
    • Hands on experience in database schema and query design
    • Cloud implementation experience
    • J2EE message experience or asynchronous system experience
    • Familiar with IBM Software like TAM, WebSeal, TDS


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    Try posting your job requirements to Guru, Elance, etc. Ask to see references and portfolios. Be prepared for a lot of responses. :-)
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    Yes...try elance , people per hour or freelancer , you will definetely find something that fits to you.

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    Give freelancer a go.

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    Elance or freelancer will help you out a lot. Staff. Shared Web Hosting | Reseller Web Hosting | IRCD Hosting | psyBNC/sBNC/eggdrop/znc Hosting
    xShellz Linux Shell & IRCD Hosting.
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    Personally i would suggest, go to Elance or ODesk, freelancer does have lots of newbies.

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    I'd try to ask my contacts that know about software development. That sounds like a big and complicated project, and not right for these freelance sites.

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    Always try to hire a freelancer. Like others said - Elance or ODesk or Freelancer.

    If someone bids on your project then discuss with them.

    Always place all the details in the description itself!

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    I used Freelancer to hire a programmer from India, the experience is good.

    I would suggest that you search for some freelancer with good profile & reviews before you post the job. So you can invite them to bid on your job later to make sure there are some qualified freelancer.

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