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    Open dns ip address for use as local resolvers?

    Recently got a dedicated server and on the information sheet was listed two open dns servers ip addresses to be used if I wish as local resolvers for the server?

    Could someone explain in a bit more detail as to what these would be used for. At first glance I thought they were to to be used as nameservers but now think that is not the case.

    So what scenarios would I need to use these.


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    Your server also needs DNS. If you are not setting up your own DNS servers, then you need to use those 2 IPs in your server as dns servers. In linux, those are in /etc/resolv.conf where you put the entry as

    nameserver <ip address1>
    nameserver <ip address2>
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    Thanks for the replies. Also done some more reading on the subject.

    So these open dns ip addresses as resolvers basically allow outgoing connections from the server to hosting provider and other servers etc. to obtain updates etc.?

    Where as the actual private nameservers that can be setup also through WHM must use different ips (like extra ips allotted with server package)and unlike resolver ip allow incoming connections...ex. pointing domain names at a registrar to server?

    So is there any reason not to setup these resolvers provided by the dedicated server hosting provider? cpanel email functioning etc.?

    Should there be things to look out for once enabled? I keep reading about open dns and ddos attacks. I would not be setting up my own dns servers so if I was to change the resolvers it would be the ones provided by the hosting company.

    Anyways if someone could answer these few questions I would appreciate it.

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    Anyone can answer the above pls? Thanks.

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