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    Clients for takeover (FREE)

    I have some hosting client for you to take over.

    USD Currency
    Monthly: $547.45 USD (51)
    Quarterly: $0.00 USD (0)
    Semi-Annually: $3478.50 USD (30) <-- most expire in Jan and Feb
    Annually: $814.20 USD (56) <-- these are domain names
    Biennially: $0.00 USD (0)
    Triennially: $0.00 USD (0)
    Est. Annual: $14340.60 USD

    There is less than $100 pre-deposit amount.

    The minimum deal is
    1. I wil get all the payments that is receive within Dec 2013.
    2. You need to transfer all the clients to your server before Dec 24th
    3. I will give you the hosting reseller account WHMCS database on Jan 1st.

    If you have a better offer, you could PM me. I will choose the buyer on Dec 13th.

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    free client ?

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    I have a few queries before I can make an offer, so just sent a PM.


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    Sent a pm with questions

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    What are we looking at as far as the disk usage / bandwidth?

    Are the plans capped or unlimited plans?

    cPanel clients, or ?
    Best Regards,


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    We're up for that if your still looking for a new home for your customers, depending on the packages, if you could email us more information to: acquisitions[at] we'd be happy to make a deal and provide your customers continued great service.
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    Hi there. I am all up with the information if you are still looking. Contact me at webhostingtalk at We can start moving clients as soon as we have the information. We have WHMCS w/ Cpanel on all accounts. Therefore, the transfer will be simple and easy. Let me know.

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    Being experienced in this area, we would like to take these customers of your hands...

    And combine them to our servers with our other recent take overs...

    If your interested please let me know.

    Customers will be very happy with the move, and will also be very happy with our service.

    Kind Regards

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    Happy to assist. Sent you a PM.

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    I am interested, and can offer your clients a good home.

    Please send details to gareth.plevin(at)

    Please let me know the following information

    1) Specifications of the hosting plans you offer.
    2) how many clients on each plan
    3) the price of each plan
    4) what control panel do you use (cpanel/plesk)

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    PM has been sent.

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    We are based in Australia and host worldwide. If we can assist please dont hesitate to ask.

    PM direct to make contact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgwong View Post
    Monthly: $547.45 USD (51)
    Quarterly: $0.00 USD (0)
    Semi-Annually: $3478.50 USD (30) <-- most expire in Jan and Feb
    Annually: $814.20 USD (56) <-- these are domain names
    Biennially: $0.00 USD (0)
    Triennially: $0.00 USD (0)
    Est. Annual: $14340.60 USD
    Have these clients ever paid anything or are they 'free trials' which are about to expire ?

    How many domains registered and which registrar(s) ?

    Where are the clients located and where did they find you from ?

    How many IP addresses in use, and SSl certificates sold ?

    Do you have root access to the server to ease transition ?

    Where are they currently hosted, what specification, what cost ?

    What payment methods do the clients use ?

    Are all domains used as namesevers by the clients included ?

    Can you provide number on each hosting plan and the details of that plan ?

    Astutium Ltd have a lot of experience in trouble-free migration and integration of acquired clients, and could be interested in providing ongoing services for these hostee's ...

    You can PM me the data or email acquisistions [at] if you do not want to share it publicly, although I expect any seriously interested hosts will be asking you the same questions
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    I have sent you a pm but have yet to receive a reply.
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    If you still have them, please let me know details. We have a great home for your clients.

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    This deal is now closed. Thanks for all who have inquired.

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