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    Need advise starting new VPS business


    I am not new to server technology but have been doing work in some other domain , not hosting.

    Now I think I am ready to start my own VPS company.

    I would like to ask from experts first , I have few basic questions.

    1. I want to rent some high power servers from a reliable host. What host would you advise? I am thinking OVH or Hetzner

    2. If I get a 128 GB RAM server with OVH, how many 1GB and 2GB servers I can create on this box?

    3. What virtualization technology would you advise me? OpenVZ? Zen or HyperVM? I want to start with linux VPS servers not windows

    4. What billing system do you advise? I am already inclined towards WHMCS

    5. Any other piece of advise from you will be appreciated in this regard

    Best regards,


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    First of all If you are new to this technology , then first you need to learn about the VPS management or need to hire Some Technical Support person.

    1. In start Don't Go for Big Server, Start with an Average server, Like E3 series , with 32GB RAM, Keep in mind the IO performance, Also the DC polices from which you are taking servers.

    2. As you want only Linux You can use anyone from OpenVZ or Xen.

    3. WHMCS is One of the best billing script, Use SolusVM with it and you will have a peace of mind .

    4. If you are new then better try to Resell the VPS of other Providers, Like with a Affiliate system, And once you know the Technicality Go with your own Servers.

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    I'm give my voice to Dedispot,if you are beginner, you may start with VPS reseller program, you may ask your VPS provider about their program.
    After that you can start your own server, with OpenVZ it's much easier than Xen for beginner.
    If you need free control panel you can use HyperVM.
    For billing system you can use WHMCS or Hostbill.

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    I am thinking OVH or Hetzner
    if you are new to server technology, I don't think you can run your self the servers as above mentioned providers don't provide any support as they sell unmanaged servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksj786 View Post
    Now I think I am ready to start my own VPS company.
    Think is no good :-)

    Are you familiar running those virtualization platform? You need to look closely for pros and con as every virtualization platform have their own character.
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    Honestly? I think your best bet is to not jump into this just yet. I'd rent a couple cheap dedicated server with like 8GB of RAM or less from a place like Datashack or elsewhere, I'd play with different virtualization types and softwares. I'd have someone break things, so you can learn to fix them.

    There is a lot more to it then just renting a server, installing SolusVM/OpenVZ, installing WHMCS and becoming a 'host'. Thats the bare minimum which most do, which is why most VPS providers aren't successful. They offer no real service that is different from others, so learn everything inside and out. Express this knowledge of yours in communities, showcasing you know your stuff, try to do something a bit 'different' then all the other run of the mill providers offering the same services out of the same location as yourself, and then you'll have a recipe for success.

    Also, don't compete on price. The last thing the industry needs is some cheap-o lowend host trying to offer everything for nothing. You've got to remember the majority of these 'hosts' are teens living at home or have a real fulltime job, their business models aren't sustainable and that very few actually live off their earnings in that market. Even fewer offer services at a low price and are able to maintain quality, though these are the folks with their own fully owned hardware and aren't pushing stuff for as little as possible.
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    Just to your first question, the issue is not about how big is RAM. you going to have problem with I/0 and processors
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    I am also new. Could you anyone explain how does virtualization technology work? SolusVM Master/Slave and node?

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    Hey guys,

    Thank you all for your input and time for this post. I am learning a lot.

    Let me explain that although I am new to VPS hosting, I am not new to server technology. Infact I have services of a very experienced System Admin available for me and we are already doing very good in some other niche. But now since I am paying this sys admin full time, and I can get more services done by him in this time, so I am planning to also introduce a new product line which is VPS hosting.

    All the technical work will be handled by him, while I can focus on marketing/Support.

    One more thing, how many VPs I can easily manage on a 32 GB box without overselling?

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    For a cheap start and cheap and good hardware check

    A friend of mine rent really cheap server there and I personally helping him all the time and for their price they are much better than OVH and/or hetzner. However, their support is super slow but on the other hand you have idrac/KVM with the server.|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
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