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    * ISP Blocks due to too many connections

    When working in Moodle, I get blocked after only a few minutes of work. My provider says I am exceeding the allowable connections of 300, and so I am blocked for 30 minutes. Consequently, I don't get much work done. I have seen this problem discussed elsewhere, but I don't see any clear solution. Can you assist?

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    Use a VPN, then your lame ISP will only see a single connection from you.

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    What kind of work you are doing that you exceeded 300 connections?
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    VPN suggestion

    I will set up a VPN connection, then. Thanks!

    What kind of work? Just developing an online course site in Moodle. But I don't have a need for more than a couple of connections at one time.

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    Do you have any addons in your browser causing this issue?

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    I'm not sure. I only have Adblock and WOT running. But I do have a slow internet connection at home, and I'm wondering whether it's going in and out, resulting in successive connections. Is that possible?

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