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    Need help, Nginx or Apache for my site?

    hello, i'm new to VPS management, so i'm hard to decide.
    I 'll buy a VPS on DigitalOcean, just 512 MB RAM.
    I'use VPS for my website. My website is a video website.

    My website just one-page. Because All Request is AJAX, load video link from database. Therefore, all Request is process PHP file.
    It will have about 30- 50.000 view/month,and 100-200 symulta
    neous connect!
    I'm hard to decide for performance, Nginx? Apache? Lighttpd?
    So i need help from you, what web server for me? and why

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    Nginx with a combination of php-fpm is great.
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    thank, but why you tell me that???
    Explain me for them.

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    Because nginx is asynchronous threaded in nature and consume very less memory and cpu compared to Apache. PHP-FPM is daemonized and is known to be the best handler for high performance. Both of these together is on the best combination for high traffic PHP website. But even with that, I doubt your VPS can handle 100-200 simultaneous users. In addition to web side, MySQL also needs some resource ( as per your explanation, each requests need MySQL query ). So you may need a VPS with higher resources.

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    nginx protects from ddos too.

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    I have nginx reverse-proxy to Apache 2.4. Works great.
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    100-200 simu streams is pushing it on a droplet. Double check your assumptions.

    That aside, nginx doesn't have worker processes to block. Hence it can process new incoming request when apache otherwise would be preoccupied with already connected users. Best practice is to split the link server from the content streamers, that way you can spin up as many content servers as required. In that scenario, either apache or nginx is good enough.

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    Nginx whenever you have low resources or do not require some specific Apache feature.

    We run all of our stand-alone sites on VPs's with Nginx - and also we are using Nginx on an IPV6 VPS as a reverse proxy for sites on our IPV4 Servers.
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    thank all, the database have about 10.000 Record, and each user will need to read about 50-100 Record.

    So in this Situation, may I need to a No-SQL Database for improve performance?

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    I believe NoSQL such as MongoDB will be good to be used. Try avoiding those required Memcached for processing, e.g, Redis, it need high memory allocation.

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