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    Which Host For Database Space?

    I have been using Awardspace for a long time and only now realise that the 'unlimited' space it offers me is a lie.

    They say it applies only to HDD space. Not Database space.

    Where they keep the databases I don't know.
    They're not kept on Hard Drives?

    Where are they kept? Scribbled in notebooks? Joke. Maybe on tape drives?

    I don't know. But anyway...

    And it seems I get only 70MB for each database. Yep. 70 Mega Bytes. Not gigabytes. Megabytes.

    My databases are phpBB forum databases and none of my forums have ever done anything but attract spam. So I've never run into space limitations and never gave it a thought because I've always been thinking that 'unlimited space' covered it.

    But now I find 70MB is the limit and I find even an empty forum can use 35MB of space. So if I got popular for a day or two I'd crash for lack of space.

    And they tell me I can get 1G if I upgrade to another plan and that's the limit unless I go VPS, virtual private server I suppose that means, they didn't say how much that costs.

    This forum, I think, specialises in just this area. So can I ask your advice, please, what should I do, where should I be looking?
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    I'm fairly certain Stablehost doesn't limit datebases like this.

    I just finished reading both the Namecheap and WebhostingBuzz ToS/AUP, and don't remember limits in there, either.

    Three good hosts right there.

    I'd look again myself right now, but too tired. My last post here for today.
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    Most providers don't set low limits on database size and the disk space allocated to your plan should basically cover the amount of disk space used by your databases. I can imagine why they might set a limit on db size to prevent larger (and busier) sites from being hosted on their shared servers since it will likely require a VPS/dedi. However, I agree 70mb for a db is a bit low.

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    Some hosts have their MySQL setup on a external server/hard drive. Some have it setup like that to speed up the MySQL by having it on a SSD hard drive or just so its not each up so much memory on the main server. As far as I know, Crocweb hosts their MySQL databases externally so their server is a little more faster and to use up less disk space.
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    Yes, thanks for that.

    I had a quick look at them and the last one seems the best for my purposes. I contacted them and they're unequivocal - unlimited number of databases stretching to unlimited size.

    Thanks for the tip.

    p.s. Yes, Awardspace has dedicated servers for database. I don't see that fact makes any difference to the whole scene.

    Their advertising is unambiguous - 'unlimited disk space', it doesn't specify which disks.

    Commercially their database server disks cost no more than their 'base' server disks.
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    It comes up that 'unlimited' hosts have more limits than the 'limited' ones.
    Certainly try to search for a host that has clear limits on disk space, databases, etc.
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    its weird. the lowest database limit i saw is 500mb. and you should know that "unlimited" plans are not actually unlimited. and dont go with those kind of hosts.

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    That's little sad to hear. Well, there are many hosts which provide your needs. I suggest before investing in any plans read their TOS thoroughly or else ask them is there any limitations/cap on "unlimited" term, I know it sounds weird but ya you need to. Have a good day.
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    Most limited plans give equal space of user space to use as database space. So I'd suggest going for limited plans from good hosts. Like all others said, unlimited has so many resource limitations & those are mentioned in TOS or AUP of each hosts.

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    KPMEDIA - thanks for the link to the host comparison site. Very illuminating. A very worthwhile resource.

    Just doesn't make clear if there's registrars on their list and it's relevant to have good registrars too, isn't it?

    There's a few hidden tricks of the trade with them too I think, here and there, isn't there?

    I'm looking to put all my domains with one registrar now and am interested in the subject because of that.

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