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    Newbie with some questions

    A few questions if people would be so kind as to help me out

    1. I previously had a domain name for my business. I stopped running the business and foolishly let the domain name go. Thankfully I was able to get it back, but the previous owner must have bought an extended hosting plan because for the last two years the domain has shown up as I originally had it when I owned it (so the person who got it when it expired kept all the content the same, just bought the domain because they thought the website was very well-developed and didn't want to see it lost). So fastforward a couple years to this point and I now want to start up my business again now that life circumstances have made it possible again. I already own the domain name and am looking at getting it hosted somewhere new because I obviously don't control wherever it is being hosted now, but how can I move the content to the new domain? I know how to go into where I have the domain registered to change the DNS settings, but how do I move the actual *content* of the website that is currently there?

    2. Crocweb gets great reviews from what I've seen on here so I was thinking of going with them, but how easy is it to edit or create webpages with them? Ideally I'd like to move the current content of the website to the hosting at crocweb and then be able to tweak the info. on it, colours, layout, add and delete pictures and text, update the calendar page, etc. I also have two other domains I've purchased and I'd like to be able to develop one of them from scratch and just have the other one redirect to it. I see they have RVSiteBuilder and Softaculous AutoInstaller. Should that cover what I would need as a noob with little experience but reasonable intelligence to figure things out?

    3. Is Softaculous Autoinstaller a program that includes wordpress and other things to make webdevelopment easier? I see some sites advertise Softaculous and some say Softaculous autoinstaller, are they the same things? If I develop a website with one of those and then want to change things up with my website down the road, how easy would it be (ie. If I develop my website with RV or Softaculous, am I always stuck with them?)

    Thanks in advance for any advice or help given!

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    1. Not sure how it can have content right now if you currently own the domain and (assuming) it's pointing to your registrar's default nameservers.

    2. I personally wouldn't recommend RVsitebuilder, I think you'd be better off with a CMS like WordPress.

    3. Softaculous is just an installer - you do a few clicks and the software/platform is installed for you. You can't be "stuck" with Softaculous, but you may be stuck with the software you choose to install (i.e., WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

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    When I go into my domain controls, it is currently pointing to a nameserver, but I'm guessing it's not the nameserver where the domain is registered, but the nameserver where the other person had the website hosted because it's definitely showing content. So is there any way to get the current content moved to whatever new company I host with?

    Wordpress is part of Softaculous right, so if Crocweb includes Softaculous autoinstaller, then that means I could use Wordpress right? Are website templates part of Softaculous in any way?

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    Yes you can move it if you have the files.

    WordPress is not part of Softaculous in a sense that there'd still be WP even without Softaculous. Softaculous allows you to install software such as WordPress, but even if a host doesn't offer Softaculous you could still install WP on your own - more info about installation here:

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    If you already have a copy of all of the content files then you can simply upload the files once you get a new hosting account. Once you've obtained hosting, you will just need to point the domains nameservers to the ones your new hosting providers give you.

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    You're right about wordpress included. Regarding the content of your site : it is hosted on a server you don't have access to, as far as I understand - therefore you can't control it. Try to contact the previous owner and talk to him about it? The content of a site do not automatically follow the domain name.

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    If you have the login information to where that content your talking about is then it's possible to transfer it to a new host. But if you don't have any way to download or back up that content then I am afraid that you are out of luck and will not be able to transfer any content over to a new host. Croc web is decent I have seen many reviews about them some good some bad but they are doing what they can do to provide the public with wonderful services.

    Rcsitebuilder is software where you can design and develope your site from premade templates. There are plenty of ways of changing information and content on your site a simple one is easy as using notepad or dream weaver.

    Last peice if information is that script installer you mentioned which basically is a tool where you click and input information and from there a script will be configured and installed with your information. There are many different scripts you can install ranging from forum software to blogs and even live chat scripts. There are even some providers who have game scripts and a bunch of guest books.

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    Thanks for the help everyone!

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