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    exim_mainlog hits 2GB then exim bombs out

    I have a couple of WHM cPanel servers whose exim logs grow to 2GB (after some time) and then exim bombs out and will not restart.

    I then have to remove the log file, make a new one, then exim runs OK.

    Any ideas (or WHM settings) that can limit the log file to 1GB and rotate it properly?

    Any particular reason WHM is not protected against this 2GB by default?

    Many thanks in advance

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    I'm assuming you're on a 32bit OS and hitting the 2GB file limit. At any rate, you don't want your logs to get this big anyway. Exim log rotation is handled by the system logrotate. You should have a config in /etc/logrotate.d/exim. By default it rotates weekly. If that's not happening, you should verify that logrotate is actually running. If it is running, and you are just hitting 2GB within a week, you could modify the logrotate to work by size, or even daily.
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