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    Shoutcast Integration into Wordpress Website

    I am building a wordpress website for a live FM radio station. I got shoutcast running on the dedicated VPS and the station uses OtsAV DJ Pro for their source.

    The part I would like some tips on is integrating the player and playlist, etc. into the wordpress website. I did a lot of research online but most articles are outdated so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I did find some files that I installed via cpanel/softaculous but did not work.
    I used the help here:

    When I go to my example2.php page I get:
    "Webradio Sound Technology stream!
    Sorry, but there was an error occurent, trying to connect to the Server.
    In hope it helps, here an error message:
    Error: Connection refused (111)
    I am really sorry about it!"

    Besides that I think I only need a page named "Song History" in wordpress and display like the last 20 or so songs that have been automatically updated.

    As far as requests go I will just make an email/phone contact page for the live radio station for people to request songs as no songs will be uploaded to the server, it's all live.

    And lastly should I keep the embedded shoutcast player or use a different one for my wordpress website?

    I noticed people say it's a good practice to also offer listeners a choice to use their own computers default audio player but when I download the .pls file and try to open it windows media player says it cant recognize or play it.

    So a little help with the above questions would really help me out. Thank you.

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    I know this probably had crossed your mind, but, have you tried our good friend google, I will look into this for you by asking our techs hopefully should have an update for you. We are new to the community here and we will do whatever we can to assist. In the meantime do ask our friend

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