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    Panel for dedicated server provider/reseller

    Hi, What panel do dedicated server providers & resellers use themselves for management & provide to their customers for monitoring traffic, reinstalls and to do other management tasks? In short, I am asking about solusvm alternative for dedicated servers

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    Off the shelf there's Ubersmith however most of the larger providers roll their own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WII-Aaron View Post
    Off the shelf there's Ubersmith however most of the larger providers roll their own.
    Ubersmith is too expensive as you need to pay 2500$ committment fee, isn't their something cheaper & good available?

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    Many of those who use cPanel give their preference for WHMCS (even before cPanel bought it). I'm not about to say whether WHMCs is good or not. It is definitely needs a lot of new functionality and improvements to fit the the Dedicated and Colocation niche. It is good for Shared and Reseller hosts though.
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