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    Cheap provider with ddos protection


    Can anyone recommend a cheap dedicated server provider with ddos protection?

    Xeon E3 series cpu
    16-32gb ram
    any hard drive
    100mbps minimum network
    os: Linux distro

    I've tried ovh but it's not very good at filtering the attack, network slows to a halt almost.


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    Have you experienced DDoS attacks in the past? If so, what type and size of attacks were you receiving?

    Also how much are you willing to pay for the server and DDoS protection combined?

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    I guess OVH is as cheap as it can get. What should be the location of the server? Europe? If so, you can check out or, although I don't have personal experience with their protection.
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    DDos protection isn't cheap by default. For a good DDoS protection you should increase the budget few times - Own data center operator in europe since 2005
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    there are some good companies offer ddos protected servers but there is not cheap. But you can contact them to receive discount. maybe they have some discount. try or or

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