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    Question Parked Domains with cpanel and 1&1

    I want to create a parked domain with cpanel (hosting in to point my domain .info (with 1&1).

    The problem is that cpanel tells me to change the DNS servers to this ones:

    But the control panel of 1&1 only allow me to introduce 4 DNS names:

    Servidor DNS 1:
    Servidor DNS adicionales:
    Servidor DNS 2:
    Servidor DNS 3:
    Servidor DNS 4:

    How can I do that?


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    You can specify first four name servers only in domain registrar control panel. Dropping the fifth one will not harm your domain resolution anyway since all of them are pointing to the same server.

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    I tried but it doesn't seems to work...
    After the time it takes to change the DNS names, when I try to park the domain, cpanel still says that i have to point the five nameservers.

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    Point your domain to the four nameservers at 1&1. Then contact your hosting support to get the domain parked.

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