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    Unable to bind IP to IPMI?

    Hi All,

    I've been trying to bind an IP address to the IPMI interface in my SuperMicro SYS-1027R-N3RF (X9DRW-3F board). My server is running Windows 2012 Server Core and I am using the latest 64-bit version of ipmicfg-win.

    S:\Tools\ipmicfg\win\64bit>ipmicfg-win.exe -dhcp off
    Successfully disable DHCP.
    S:\Tools\ipmicfg\win\64bit>ipmicfg-win.exe -m
    IP address can not be changed because DHCP option is enabled.
    Anyone seen this before?

    By using "ipmicfg-win.exe -m" I am able to get the MAC address, however even after ARPing that into my ARP table I am still unable to contact the server. I do not have physical access to this server, so not having a lights out interface is making me nervous.

    Are there any tricks to the trade for getting TCP/IP settings applied to the IPMI interface?
    Dominic Ryan

    IIS and Open Source

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    Try a reset to factory default first then see if it works. I have seen this type of strange behavior before and that has resolved it for me.

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    Thanks Progent! A reset to factory defaults followed by a cold reset did the trick.
    Dominic Ryan

    IIS and Open Source

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