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    Sendy / Amazon SES / Cloudflare red flags for gmail/yahoo/hotmail?

    My DNS is pointed to cloudflare, which is a different IP than my shared server.

    It SEEMS like my SPF and DKIM are set up properly. They're showing as enabled on both my sub-domain and main domain at Amazon. When checking SPF through various checking services, it comes back as okay.

    Senderscore shows me being "NOT AUTHENTICATED" though, and my open rate is only about 6% even though Senderscore shows me having a very high rating.

    I'm sure my IP shows up differently now that I'm using Cloudflare's DNS.

    Question: I'm wondering if the difference in IP between cloudflare and my server could be causing some issue with raising red flags with gmail/yahoo/hotmail, etc...

    I use Sendy on a sub-domain wth Amazon SES.

    Thanks for anyone who can help with this. Not sure if it's in the right forum, but couldn't find a forum for CDN. I've included a couple screenshots. One of senderscore. One of email header.

    Have asked at both SES forums and Cloudflare, but no response.
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    Wow, no response here either. Nobody, not even Amazon SES or Cloudflare or Webhostingtalk knows the answer to what I thought was a relatively simple question... Does using cloudflare in conjunction with sending emails from my domain cause any red flags with email providers due to IP difference between my real server and my DNS with cloudflare...?

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