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Thread: SSD Cache setup

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    SSD Cache setup

    I have a dedicated server with CentOS 6.5 installed(accidentally updated, removed the 6.5 kernel and set default boot to the 6.4 kernel 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64)
    It has a 500Gb SATA HDD, and a 128Gb SATA SSD.
    I already have the 500Gb HDD setup, with around 40 Gb for /, and the rest for a physical volume part of a volumegroup for KVM(QEMU).
    Now, what I want to do is use the 128Gb SSD for a writethrough cache setup.
    I just want to use caching for the physical volume that is part of the volumegroup.
    What should I do? I absolutely do not want to format the server, under any circumstances.
    So how do I setup the SSD caching?

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    FlashCache ( is a GPL'd solution for that. There are others both free and paid.

    Also see:

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBAA View Post
    FlashCache ( is a GPL'd solution for that. There are others both free and paid.

    Also see:
    If I make a volumegroup with the HDD and SSD, will I see an improve in performance?

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    Flashcache - you just need to build the kernel module and configure - works quite well..
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