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    Hivelocity network issue or is it just me ?

    Hi, i have a server with and sudenly my pages started loading really slow some times and its for some people only and i dont really know why i have reloaded my server 2 times allredy changed the theme and it happens with all the pages in the server not with one in specific and i have contacted hivelocity and they tell me its my isp but i have tried with diferent isp i live in puerto rico here is a tracert of my ip from my home and a ping i really need help on this one i have been losing money because of this my pages are and i lost over 5,000 in sales on black Friday
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    There's nothing wrong with that traceroute or latency... What are your server loads, do you have anything in your error logs, are you using compression, etc... Provide more info for good advise - otherwise, this looks like a marketing post IMO.
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    Let me know your server load average?

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    Ok i live in puerto rico and with an specific isp the pages dont load or take a long long time to load and i dont know the tracert and ping screenshot is from my house i have ISP A in my house it loads fine but in ISP B it dosent in my office boss house and anothers emploee house that has the same isp here is isp b ping and tracroute
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    yes but the page in isp b wont load or take over 5 mins to load and if u see ms are lot higher than the one in my house that has 57-60 ms in my house i live in puerto rico and the server is in miami

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