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    ESXi Adding new /28

    Hey guys I have a new server im testing out before it goes to my client next year.

    This will be simple for a lot of you but can someone please guide me right direction on how to add an extra /28 subnet please. Its dual Xeon that comes with a /29 with ESXi and all going fine. I have a /28 ready to go but my attempts to add it just doesn't work. (The real sysadmins start next year...but I would love a play first to grow and understand more. ;-) )

    Thanks in advance for any help or links posted for this noob. :-D

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    If you have a gateway from the /28 you should be able to add it to any VMs.
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    Thanks for your time and reply.

    I should add more. The original /29 was pre loaded for me. Gateway and ESXi all loaded with their own IPs. Yes I know the /29 gateway.

    Im using vSphere. I tried adding it as VMKernal port with its .240 subnet mask. Its getting DHCP IPV6 ok and no errors when saving. Left gateway though as the greyed out, ESXi host gateway -- Not new gateway.

    From there I just opened an easy Windows v.machine and tried /29 gateway and /28 gateways to no work. I can ping other IPs in network but nothing outside.

    One thing I notice is the org /29 in vSphere is showing the routing has IP to and to IP but only one way on the new /29 I added. Not sure if means anything.

    I can tell its going to be something easy im missing !

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