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    Exclamation Never in PerfectIP

    If it didn't happen with you. Sure, that will be soon.

    PerfectIp usually sell cheap Dedicated Servers.
    But also a dirty proxy.

    There, you will have your Dedicated Server for 15 days to 20 days, maybe 1 and a half month. After that, they will alert you.

    They will send for you an alert, something like that: "Your dedicated server number 12345 has been suspended, because we was checking, and you are using for DDos atack"

    Do you want keep safe your money? Don't buy there. Don't waste your money.

    I did that. I was using for 15 days in PerfectIp. After that, they suspended my Dedicated Server alerting that.

    I learned. Never buying there.

    I'm actually in Limestone Networks for 4 months, and it's working fine. Nice support team, and a real and fast internet velocity. Btw, the LimestoneNetwork's proxy is clean.

    Thanks LSN,
    You're a real and trustable company.

    ps.: I'm not a salesman. I just want alert you guys. Pay attention with this word: "cheap"

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    What do you mean dirty proxy? PerfectIP doesn't provide any DDOS protection, Limestone does. PerfectIP is a budget company, LSN is an enterprise level provider.

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