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Thread: Bluehost VPS?

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    Bluehost VPS?

    Hello, I am currently with Bluehost for shared hosting, but it is simply not cutting it.
    I am planning to upgrade to VPS (cannot afford dedicated hosting)

    I do not have large traffic (much less 10k unique) but I do have custom software that needs to be run that shared doesnt offer (no root access)
    Must be not windows (linux or unix only)
    budget, $500 annually

    I was wondering which VPS plan to get, and how good is bluehost for VPS?
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    I've seen some VPS providers (mostly managed) that do not provide root access, so if you find providers make sure you ask.

    Honestly, I didn't even know that BlueHost now provides VPS services. What are your requirements in terms of space, ram etc. Any specific location and control panel?

    - Daniel
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    for disk space, anything under 10GB is perfect

    I was eying at the blue host plan for $29.99/month

    it is
    Single Core
    2 GB Ram
    30 GB
    1 TB/Month band
    1 IP

    What does it mean by 1 ip?
    On the website it says that they give root access.
    A control panel is nice, but not needed.

    for location, preferably canada or somewhere close ( The US eg)

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    I will not suggest BlueHost after reading so many recent bad reviews on WHT and Google. If you are looking for managed VPS, check wiredTree, Knownhost, FutureHosting
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    Quote Originally Posted by yusufali View Post

    What does it mean by 1 ip?
    What do you mean?

    IP is required in every internet connection.
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    I have looked into knownhost. They have very good plans, i think I might get the first option for managed VPS

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    For a VPS of your needs I would recommend crissic, Skylar is good with communication and that.

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    Do you need managed or not? I would recomend tmzvps for managed vps and digitalocean for unmanaged

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    Honestly, I didn't even know that BlueHost now provides VPS services
    I did not either until one of our customers posted a link (they left because of no root access) going to their website you cant find it
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    I wouldn't suggest blue host with all the bad reviews I have seen of them. There are many good reliable VPS hosts on WHT that will suite your needs easily.

    Check the offers forum out there are a ton of promotions and offers there some are great sine are horrible you just need to compare all of them and narrow your choice down between two then go from there.

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    Use a VPS specific provider like FutureHosting or KnownHost!

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    Wiredtree is fantastic. I would check out there managed VPS options. If you have some extra money in your budget I would look at their new SSD VPS servers. They are blazing fast.

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    Bluehost is EIG, and EIG has horrible VPS/dedicated servers. Their main product is hsared "unlimited" hosting, and they're not even good at that. VPS was a "me too" offer from them.

    Get a VPS host that specializes in VPS. $500 ~ $40 monthly.

    Knownhost or Liquidweb would be excellent VPS alternatives to EIG.
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    Stay away from BlueHost!
    Everyone else mentioned above has better reputation, so you cannot go wrong with any of them, but stay away from BlueHost. Or we will likely see you posting the same question next month

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    Just stay away from Bluehost, anywhere is better than them.
    However your budget is decent. what kind of specification you want?
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