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    [Hiring] InterHost Sales Representatives

    Hello WHT!

    InterHost is a fresh new web solutions company that is looking for fresh keen sales representatives that can make a difference!

    We are a small UK based business (although applicants from abroad are happily accepted) and we are looking for pure potential for someone who can stick with it and stay with us for the long term! And eventually manage sales for our budding company!

    The candidate

    • We are looking for someone who can really make an impact so proof of success in selling web solutions would be ideal (A portfolio or reference will suffice)
    • Ideally at least 1 year experience in the web hosting industry in sales (although we will be flexible)
    • Must be literate in English
    • Must be adaptable to various different situations, able to work within very tight deadlines and under pressure.
    • Must have passion, drive and dedication for the job and the legacy of the job.
    • Must be ready to take on a management role promotion!

    The position will be primarily commission based however we will be offering bonuses when sales targets are met, bonus level will depend on the target for that week and level of commission will be agreed after we have reviewed your application.

    How to apply
    If you think your ready for the challenge then just follow these steps:

    1. Write us just a paragraph with no more than 500 words as to why you want to work for InterHost and what you think you can bring to the company.
    2. Prepare your CV
    3. E-mail your CV to office[at]

    Once we have received your application we will review it and get back to you with further information!

    Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!
    Kind Regards,
    Nayan Mehta
    "In Thrust We Trust!"

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    Sent a CV / Worded Email.

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    Thanks for the applications so far! Keep them coming!
    Kind Regards,
    Nayan Mehta
    "In Thrust We Trust!"

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