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    Angry again on serverloft :-(

    i already leaved a bad review here

    but the worst has still to come:
    today at 4:00 my rootserver goes down with this message

    Dec 6, 2013 4:18:17 AM
    Hostsystem outage
    Dear Customer,
    Due to a technical problem, we need to perform an emergency maintenance on the host system of your vServer.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Kind Regards,
    Your vServer Support Team

    after hours and my claim to know when my sites (and my business) goes up again , they reply at 13:54

    please accept our apologies for the troubles. Our technicians are still working on fixing the issue with the host system. At present we do not have an ETA, but as soon as we have more information we will let you know.
    Your patience would be much appreciated.

    all my sites are down from 9 HOURS and thye "appreciate my patience"

    again open a ticket (a very HARSE ticket...) at 21:30 , and they reply promptly this time, saying this:

    Thank you for your request. The system your server is hosted at is going through some emergency maintenance, according to the technicinas the work should be finished around 2 AM CET 07.12.2013, in around 4 and a half hours from now. We again apologize or the issue, the technicians are working as fast as possible to bring the server up. News will be published on the powerpanel about the issue.

    so, after1 17 hours i was been informedd that, probably, the issue will be fixed in next 4/5 hours (maybe...)

    if this will be done, means i will lose , anyway, a full day of job
    Thank you Serverloft

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    Why you still use that services when already you have a bad review about them ?
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    pretty simple, moving all my job and sites (over 35 account, some of them havung very complex scripts...) require time and right choice, to avoid this kind of error again
    all that said, at this moment, i am NOT able to move away because server is STILL down

    other thread was about a commercial rule not respected, not a tech issue: now i experienced this too..

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    May you don't waste your time, while the server down try to find another better provider.

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