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    Tsohost - Cloud hosting review


    After hosting my websites for few months at I wanted to thank them for their support.

    I have couple of websites (forums, etc..) hosted on Vidahost/Tsohost cloud hosting.

    What I can say is: The support team is very good, always helpful, but somehow you get all the best answers from the top leaders like Darren, Dom and Seb. The other support guys are good but they don't have the experience of the "big" guys.

    Anyway, I'm paying like $10 and hosting 4 websites. All working great, no downtime.

    I wanted to share this review with you because I just updated my Xenforo forum and I lost all my style's icons (Logo, topic, reply icons..) but it's not a problem with the cloud. They have a backup of 1 month. I chose a day and downloaded what I wanted.

    Really great feature.

    The cloud is fast and always online. My Xenforo loads in 1 seconds.

    I'm happy. I recommend them.

    Recently I switched my domain name to them, they are my registrar now. Very easy control panel.

    All good so far.

    Thank you Tsohost
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    I am with TSO, I have been quite happy with them also, but since they moved data centre recently, I have been getting a few service issues. Random time outs, "waiting for socket" faults. Their support just says my page is 2mb and calls google scripts etc (adsense) so it is my fault. Pretty sure "waiting for socket" is a server issue. My pages load in under 2 seconds and 75% faster than most other according to pingdom. Can't see them being the issue really.

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