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    Google PageSpeed-Trouble Creating SSL Certificate

    I am at a loss on how to create SSL Certificates per Google PageSpeed's requirements on "#4 Creating Certificates in the right format" as stated on this page: (sorry, forum wouldn't let me make this a link.)

    I have been searching online, and there doesn't seem to be much out there. I did find this thread on this forum, but the poster had no luck reaching out to Google for help.

    Does anyone have any experience with creating an SSL Certificate for Google PageSpeed and would you be so king to give me the step by step instructions to create it? Sorry, this one has totally puzzled me.

    OK, this forum won't let me put a URL in this post because I need 5 posts, so that is why they are not links. Sorry....

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    Giving up on PageSpeed

    It turns out our hosting service will not let us use our "plan" issued SSL certificate for Google PageSpeed, so we would have to get a new SSL certificate and have it installed. We are giving up on PageSpeed since now there is a cost involved and also we do not know what Google will be charging in the future for thatservice. Here, however, is an article about SSL certificates which helps make sense of the SSL Setup requirements as outlined in the page referenced above #4-#7:


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    Thanks for sharing Janell. What was it about your original SSL that didn't meet PS requirements?
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    to GoLiveChat:
    It wasn't that our SSL certificate didn't meet PS requirements, our Hosting service would not allow us to use it for PS since it came with the service plan. They said if we wanted to use PS then we had to get a third party SSL, install it on the hosting server and then of course also on Google PS. It was the Hostgator, not Google that was the problem and we decided it was getting to be too complicated to manage all the parts and pieces.

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    Well, just heard from Hostgator. They not only will allow us to use our current SSL certificate for PageSpeed, but they have "compressed all of the files you will need into a ZIP document. Inside you will find the Certificate, the RSA Key, and the CA Bundle. We have also included the CSR in case you need it, but is not part of the certificate."

    Now, isn't that impressive! That is the old Hostgator support coming back and why I joined them. Thanks Hostgator!!!

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