We work with virtually any server

We monitor up to 5 services of your choice.
We provide you with alerts and warnings as they happen.
30 minute response time to any issues. (Our techs usually respond in less than 10 minutes.)
You get up to 30 minutes of time with our technical team per month.
KSplice license.
Idera Server Backup to safeguard & backup your data.
Our experts monitor ALL the services on your server.
5 hours reactive monitoring & proactive patching with trouble ticket support.
Initial server configuration and setup.

Full security audit and lock down.
Full security hardening.
Control panel setup.
Directory Permissions set to prevent traversal by unprivileged users.
Host.conf and sysctl security hardening.
Compiler and fetch utility access can be limited to root only.
Hardening of SSH service.
TCP/IP hardening.
All common services are checked and locked down as needed.
BFD (Brute Force Detection)system installation.
Disable any and all unused services to further secure and optimize performance of your server.
Package audit of your RPM system.
Firewall installation (APF/CSF)
to keep the bad guys out.

Per Month $ 10.00

If you interest Please PM me.