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    Encoding VPS Comparison

    Hey guys, i'm looking for VPS to convert videos and people told me i should look for Encoder VPS.
    So here is my two options, both for same price (32$). Question is what will work better for me.

    Plan 1:
    CPU: Intel Quad-Core 3.40Ghz E3-1240v2
    Disk Space : 300 GB
    Ram: 32Gb
    Port: 1Gb/s
    Bandwidth: 20Tb
    Clients Per Server: 8
    OS: Windows Server 2008
    Location: United Kingdom

    CPU: Xeon 2 x E5620 (16 Threads)
    Disk Space: 200 GB
    Ram:64 GB DDR3
    Port: 1 GBPS
    Drive: Private
    Location: Netherlands
    OS: Windows Server 2008

    Any Help? Thanks!

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    The first CPU has a higher clock rate and the second has more threads so the important question :

    Does your encoding application utilise multiple threads?

    And the other important question:

    Will the providers you're considering be ok with you using a large amount of the CPU time (ask them!)

    The answers to these questions should ultimately answer your question.

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    Your budget is low increase your budget.
    Failure is success if we learn from it.

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    How many clients are on the 2nd one?

    On the first, you're promised only a single core, given that it shares with 8 clients (and also assuming the host isn't lying).

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