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    Want to Buy Links & Other Advertising for Cooking Website

    We are looking put purchase links to our website ( as well as other advertising opportunities via social media or otherwise.

    If you have a related website, please contact us via PM or post, and please let us know your costs & placement as well as any other offers.

    Thank you.

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    I can provide you top and huge list of social networking sites you can visit there are 157 sites and i can provide you working on all these sites with handsome package.

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    You can get niche targeted traffic from . Get free trial traffic and also you can enjoy free traffic for ever. See details at site.


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    I have a PR1 food/cooking site. Message me if interested.
    A touch of Africa - Game Lodges in the Eastern Cape
    Beauty in Profile - Hairdressers in Knysna

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    I have a social blogging platform

    Hey I have a social blogging platform called MyBizziBlog which hosts thousands of niche based blogs. You can target whichever niche and keywords that you want! Your ad will be displayed on every single blog in my blogging network/platform, on the profile pages of users, on the Dashboard feeds of users,on the blog posts of each blog,and on the Search results in our search engine. Currently we charge only $1.50 CPM and it's completed targeted traffic and you get a banner ad along with a title and description of your advertisement. If you need more information you can skype me at: youngdeelo or check out the advertisement package/info at

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    got a cooking website with active audience 24K fb users. please connect skype: client.panels thanks.

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