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    Google PageRank Update december 2013

    I have a news about Google Page rank. It has updated Pagerank algorithm on 6th December 13. My website rank have changed after this update. It is now 1 from 0.
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    We could not see any change in the PR of our site. Still at PR3.
    Anyone else that noticed a change?
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    Some of my websites went down, from 2 to 1
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    No change :|
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    Mine went from 4 to 5 which is odd as I think my traffic was actually on the decline since their last update.
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    My personal videos portal went from 4 to 3
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    my health blog dropped from PR6 to PR1
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    My Travel Site

    My Page Rank changed
    from 30 to 20.....
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    Yes my website page rank also update PR is 2 now is PR is 3..
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickymartin1 View Post
    I have a news about Google Page rank. It has updated Pagerank algorithm on 6th December 13. My website rank have changed after this update. It is now 1 from 0.
    Yes page Rank status was updated. My website has still PR1. But some websites went down from 3 to 1.
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    Re: Google PageRank Update december 2013

    Most probably the have made an update. But i could not recognize any noticeable change several of my client's website.
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    Mine too status have been changed. I have recently checked my all web site rankings and found that there is a positive change in the ranks.
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    Let me share some information about the Page Rank update.

    Indeed, yesterday there were news about Google making a new update of the page rank. As a marketer with strong interest in SEO, this came as a little shock for me. Matt Cutts from Google hinted in September that due to internal issues, there will be no more rank updates in 2013 and a very high chance that they will let the PageRank "die" as a whole. And just a couple of months later - BAM! New update.

    There are still many questions around this surprising update. As Google said, it was not a planned thing, more like they fixed the pipeline, while they were doing other projects. It looks as if Google became so big that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing

    But what does that mean for our websites? Early days suggest that this update is actually not showing current data (December 2013) but a few months back. This means that even if you have made significant optimizations in the last couple of months, chances are they won't reflect on rating. The other speculation is that this change mainly encompassed new websites. Being without rank for a pretty long time, Google mostly updated sites with PR0 (most of them changed to PR 1) and there are still just a few high-ranked websites that saw any significant rise or fall.

    I'll certainly be very attentive on how this saga continues, because if there ARE any significant changes and Google plans to stick with the PageRank, this will change many strategies. All in all, for now my advice is to keep to your quality content writing and backlinking and it should be absolutely fine
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    I got an PR update as well. The discussion about Google's PR policy is nothing new. Fact is that they still stick to it.
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