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    * How much daily traffic can this VPS plan handle?

    I was using shared hosting plan for my wordpress site but after some time I realized that my plan can't even handle 1k+ visitors/day so i decided to migrate to a different provider and plan but now I am not able to decide which one should I use. I even had a chat with the support team and they suggested me with this plan:

    Dual Core
    4 GB RAM
    60 GB
    2 TB/month
    Free Domain Name
    2 IPs
    CentOS 6.4 (64-bit)
    Provided by

    I don't know and the support was not able to estimate the capacity of this plan.

    So this is what I will have on my vps:

    1 Wordpress Install.
    Genesis Framework With Child Theme
    W3 Total Cache Plugin
    Cloudfare free CDN
    15-20 Plugins which will remain active
    10-15 Pages
    100 Images/post (Actually I am planning to create a Magazine)

    So these were my specs. I hope you guys will be able to provide me with some useful info.
    Thanks for reading this.

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    Its really hard for anyone to estimate without having seen past data and other things.

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    Hmmm.. I thought someone out there can tell me

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidBee View Post
    Its really hard for anyone to estimate without having seen past data and other things.
    I was hopping that someone could help me with this. Actually I have been searching this topic for a long time and I'm getting a little frustrated now.

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    Provide more details like what web server, how PHP is configured, mysql side etc. Someone here can give you more advices based on that. Anyway 2 CPU core isn't enough to handle ( especially in VPS ) large amount of traffic.

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    You have got decent configuration to handle large traffic. But its really very hard to tell exact figure. You can optimize MySQL / Apache of your server to lower server load and handle large traffic.

    Your hosing provider can also have some role. If your server is oversold, you may not be able to use all resources.
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    It would be very difficult to tell you exactly how much traffic you could use however I fell that it would be enough if it is getting a decent amount of traffic.

    Maybe you can try to start here and move to a dedicated if the VPS cannot handle the traffic. - ★★ Managed VPS / Budget Servers / Colocation ★★
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    That's crazy that your shared account couldn't handle 1K/ of my shared accounts has a couple Wordpress installs that easily get around 5K/daily split between them and it handles it just fine.

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    I think your host just may not be able to handle it but your site really isn't that far complicated.

    Even a VPS with 1 to 2GB of memory would work great. I run a WordPress on Nginx which is optimized and it runs like a champ. But evens with apache on your own VPS would allow you to fine tune it. I'd say it may just be your host's systems not yours.

    I would assume a VPS with 1-2GB of memory would suit you fine. The storage is more based on what you use and bandwidth is typically generous depending on the company you choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravi_9793 View Post
    You have got decent configuration
    Not really. That's UBC OpenVZ from what I know.

    It's a Bluehost/Hostgator VPS plan, one of the worst plans at one of the worst hosts.

    In reality, it's maybe 1.5GB. But on an overloaded server, good luck with that. More like 1GB, which is the minimum for a cPanel server.


    What it can handle depends completely on the content. A WordPress site can either overload the shared OpenVZ CPU (suspended), or an plain HTML site could serve a million pageviews with ease. Hard to say. This is why developers and admin should run VPS, not end users that just want working sites.
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