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    Linux/Unix guru with great experience.


    Im a 30+ year old tech guru from Sweden that wants to try something new.

    I've worked for various ISPS for over 15 years and here is a bit of what my experience is.

    Linux - no need to name all the distribution here since I've been using most of them. My personal taste nowdays is Debian, but I can still remember thoose days back in '94 when i was installing Slackware of a few floppies.

    Unix - I have used FreeBSD (Almost every day for 9+ years), Solaris(8+ years), some Irix and OpenBSD. I even discovered a backdoor in it's ssh many years ago.

    So what have I done?
    I've built large webhosting solutions used by 100k's of sites, HA-Clusters, DB(Mysql and Oracle) clusters, mail clusters, dns clusters. clustered network file systems with auto failovers, used alot of EMC NAS/SAN's, Built vps hosting solutions (custom built, based on XEN), Set up web loadbalancing (Both hardware and custom scripted solutions), a custom WIFI hotspot system with a captive portal running on top of WRT based firmwares and much more.

    I have also had a fair share of personal projects. My largest project was a community site written in PHP that at its peak had about 2.5 milion users, before facebook got big. The first 200k users were actually served of a P3 800Mhz with 4GB ram running Debian. That was a real challenge and i learnt much on how to optimize things both in code and system. I did also my own control panel for hosting my friends sites. It did everything from setting up the account to setting up domains, configure apache, configure postfix and all my friends could add or remove domains on their own without bothering me.

    Other things i've written in PHP are a small blog system, a price comparison site (with milion of affiliate products, search takes < 10ms), a game control panel for minecraft and counterstrike, a thumbnail generator script (using X virtual framebuffer + firefox + some custom code), a site analyzer that checked sites and gave it a score based on how seo friendly it is. I've done so much other stuff I could go on for ages.

    Besides php i have also coded some Perl, C, C++, Java and probably a bunch of others - I use whats on the host. Some examples are two games for Android, just to learn the sdk better, a customer service client in Java (Retrieve customer info, Write info etc), a honeypot in C++, a server daemon status reporter in c to monitor servers and probably a lot more stuff i cant remember.

    I've done so much shell scripting, everything from installers to mass update/deployment scripts, I dont know where to start.
    Oh, i know. One of my most recent things was a backup system based on rdiff/rdiff-backup with a web frontend for a webhosting company. It turned out so good im using it myself as its better than anything else i've used and fast (and free!).

    My experience with Microsoft products is good, but I prefer to work in Linux/Unix.
    For networking, ive used Cisco, Linksys, Extreme Newtorks. I know my way around Cisco Ios, PIX/ASA.
    If its up to me to choose hardware, i would always go for HP servers. I've used hundreds of them over the last years and had very few issues compared to Dell and IBM hardware.

    So, if anyone does have something fun to offer, please drop me a PM. I like new ideas and startups.

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