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    is memchached work ?

    hello every one
    i have install and configure memcached well and add port 11211 in firewall to allow 11211 for UDP and TCP in and out
    then try to check the output of test command but nothing show:

    [email protected] [/]# memcached-tool server-ip:11211
    # Item_Size Max_age Pages Count Full? Evicted Evict_Time OOM

    as you see nothing show under #

    is memcached work ?

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    You should check if Memcached server is actually running:

    # netstat -lntp | grep "11211"
    - on RedHat based systems you can run:

    # /etc/init.d/memcached status || service memcached start
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    Here's a simple set of commands you can try to see if it's actually working.
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