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    Exclamation - Denver Servers DOWN

    I have 1 dedicated server and is down, i have asked to a tech from and says all the customers from Denver are Down.

    How many customers from Instantdedis are here? I try ask a lot of times at this moment and no one answer my tickets.

    Right now my server have 12 HOURS OFFLINE.

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    Only some customers are affected at this time.

    See here:


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    Yes and im one of that "Some Customers" please i like know if you have contacted the FDC and what they say.

    13 HOURS, is not game. Please answer the livechat or the tickets, i like know what FDC says, i need know if all my data is here and save, and in how many time the server will be go online!!


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    I got my fingers crossed. I hope they can have it fixed soon.

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    Servers' back.

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