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    Thumbs up Crissic VPS Review (2013)

    Hello WHT

    I thought i would drop by and leave a review on one of the vps companies i am with right now.

    Recently, i was looking for a new provider for one of my projects and saw an for Crissic. First thing that caught my eye was their website design, it looked much professional compared to most hosts that get their designs off themeforest. Then i started doing some research and didn't really find much new reviews (which is kinda why i decided to write this review, to help them out since they helped me a lot). I did find that they were active back in 2008 but closed down due to some problems, but i saw a post from the owner here on wht saying this time they are back and more prepared then ever. I decided to give them a go and paid for a year because i feel like everyone deserves a second chance and just because they closed down first time doesnt mean they are going down again, but instead they are going to have more experience from last time.

    Anyways, my first impressions of the host were really good. I have their highest spec'd vps and everything is running good. The setup was pretty much instant, and i was able to access my vps within minutes. As soon as i got hold of it, i did some network tests and the network speeds were amazing. I got about 70-90 mbps while doing a cachefly download test, which is a lot better than most other vpses i have. The vpses are snappy and most things would install pretty quick (yum update and all).

    I did run into one minor issue and contacted their helpdesk, and i was surprised to receive a reply from their support staff within minutes even though it was already around 11 pm when i created the ticket. They took care of my issue asap and also helped me with some other things (even though it was supposed to be unmanaged). They also offered to move my vps to a new node they were starting on friday if i wanted.

    Overall i am really satisfied with their customer service and servers so far. This is just a initial review, but i will make another one after couple of months.

    Keep up the good work crissic!
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    i am comming too dude. freelancer will pay me on monday i.a
    hope stock dont end

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    I appreciate the review Some fancy new hardware has been deployed too which people will be happy about!
    Crissic Solutions, LLC - Affordable VPS Solutions.
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    Nice review.Will give them try sometime later.
    Failure is success if we learn from it.

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    Good to see happy client,hope you will be back here after 1 month

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