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    Thumbs up - Nothing but positive.

    We've been with for various projects of ours for I'd say a year and a half, maybe longer.

    They've always been helpful and available whenever I have an issue, tickets are always responded to within 10 minutes.

    I can't think of a single time when it was their fault for something happening, it's usually due to something we've screwed up but they've always been nice and willing to work with us to get it solved.

    I can't imagine putting critical infrastructure anywhere else, they've earned my business for life.

    Keep it up VR!

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    whenever I have an issue, tickets are always responded to within 10 minutes.
    I had a VPS at their Chennai, India location for about 6 months and I'd definitely rank them as one of the best and most reliable VPS/Cloud providers I've used. The 2 tickets I opened (both for networking issues in the DC in India) were responded to and resolved within 5 minutes and both tickets were opened late at night.

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    I have used them and they are just awesome!
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