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    Looking for a server

    I am looking for a dedicated server with the following conditions:
    - Share to me ddos information when it is under attack. The provider should provide me all DDoS attack history (if any) and size of each attack
    - The 'nullroute' policy. How is the threshold that an IP will get nullroute.
    - Easy to change IPs for using with Cloudflare DDoS protection (already setup)
    - Price under $150


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    I use OneProvider in their France location who provide DDoS Protection, and it appears their Control Panel does have a 'DDoS Alerts' feature.

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    An establish DDoS mitigation hosting company should be able to provide those things to you, alerts, ddos graphs as they happen live which is what i think you're looking for. Does location matter?
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    For $150 USD don't expect to have a quality DDoS protection. For a good solution you will have to increase a little your budget.
    HyperFilter DDoS Protection Solutions
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    Everything is reasonable until you add in DDOS protection. If you're looking for quality/strong DDOS protection, that budget will not cut if unfortunately.

    I guess it depends, how large of attacks are we talking about?

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    No, I don't want a ddos protection system.Just a normal hosting.

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