As a truly first in the Industry Codero Hosting is proud to announce it's latest product - High Performance Codero Elastic SSD Cloud Block Storage The only provider in the industry as so far to guarantee performance through measuring IOPS.

Created to be ideal for high performance applications Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS) can increase most applications performance dramatically. Workloads/Applications such as:
  • High Performance Database Applications
  • Analytic Applications Acceleration
  • Demanding Storage/IO Applications
  • eCommerce / Highly Transactional Applications
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • ERP / CRM Application Hosting
  • Flexible Public / Private Cloud Storage

Codero Elastic Block Storage Benefits Include:
  • The Only Guaranteed QOS for Storage Performance in The Industry
  • All-SSD Drive Arrays for Performance IO
  • 100% Uptime Guaranteed
  • The Only Storage Platform with Customizable Minimum IOPS
  • Enabled With Burstable Performance
  • Flexible Storage for Any Application or Platform

Prices start at $8/monthly for 16GB of storage @ 500IOPS Guaranteed. Volumes currently have a maximum of 2TB also all volumes have burst ability should your immediate application demands outstrip your current IOPS selection. As well volumes can be added independently to any Codero Service whether dedicated or cloud!

Increase your application's speed and reliability today - only at Codero Hosting
Please visit us at or feel free to chat with us anytime 24x7x365! Or Call Us At 1-866-2CODERO