Hi there! I work at Codero Hosting and I wanted to tell you guys about our all new Cloud - based off cloudstack. We were just rated one of the best cloud providers by UpCon 2013 and you should check us out to see it for yourself!

Sign up for free today! Once you add a credit card we'll give you a 20$ Credit!

Create VM's from 512MB - 32GB in size - starting at $9/monthly and if you plan to prepay monthly we'll throw another 15% Off!

What makes Codero different you ask?
24x7x365 Ticket/Chat/Phone U.S. Based Support
A real cloud built on dell branded hardware
We Guarantee CPU performance - seeing issues? tell us we'll fix them or give you your money back!
Truly Hybrid - ready to connect your cloud deployment to a dedicated backend? We can that starting for an additional 15$ a month (plus dedicated server hosting fees)

Click here to learn more Or Click Here To Chat if you need any help getting started!

Check us out and be sure to tell us WHT sent you!