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Thread: Level3 EPL

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    Level3 EPL

    Looking to see ballpark of what one would expect to pay for say 100mb EPL (layer 2 transport) between the Midwest (Chicago, KC, STL) and Phoenix, both sites being on-net. We are planning a geographically diverse off site DR setup, and looking at some options. One would be just get transit and do VPN between the two, and the other would be to get EPL/Transport between the two which would provide some added features/options, but thus far seems more costly. This isn't a segment I play in much, more just transit, but initially I have seen 2k for an 100mb EPL quote which seems high.

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    EPL is pricey at times but if you push your sales rep they can usually help more. If you like Cogent and have them in both facilities you should be able to get a gigabit link for around $2K or lower plus install if the pricing is still good. 100 Meg was less than $800 plus install.

    You can always do VPN or GRE tunnel with IPSec until it's cost effective for EPL.
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    Anything to do with transport is going to be much, much higher than transit as they have to provide you with guaranteed capacity all the way through.

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    A Cogent layer 2 point-to-point solution would most likely be down at around $500/month for everything. Cogent's performance for traffic staying on their own network is generally pretty decent all the time, unlike the peering congestion issues you see when the traffic traverses to other networks.

    Also Cogent L2 links support jumbo frames which can be very useful if you are doing VLAN trunking between locations. Another feature that is useful if you have more than 2 locations if you can create PVCs between three or more locations for little extra cost.

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    Thanks for the responses thus far. Site A would probably be phoenixnap, obviously on-net with cogent, level3, etc. Site Z would most likely be a location of ours in St. Louis which Is on-net with L3 but not cogent. Given that, if level3 doesn't play ball, if 100mb is only ~$500-$800 from cogent, I should be able to pick up a local 100mb loop from charter com in STL pretty cheap, and those two together would still be well under 2k.

    And yes, as I said the VPN tunnel is an option I am looking at, and at least initially it looks like the route to go as I will have gig burstable connections on both ends.

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    I would go with redundant IPSEC over different transits. would be very good as one of those IPSEC legs if you can get onto their 100Gbps backbone. I don't know if they have 100Gbps going down to Phoenix though.

    If you go with layer 2 still consider running IPSEC over it.

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