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Thread: 64u Down?

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    64u Down?

    I've been unable to access and my website for several hours now.

    Hoping this will be resolved quickly.

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    Yep. Have a large ecommerce client hosted on my 64u VDS. Not happy at all. Monitoring confirms server has been down for 5hr+

    Had lots of network issues with 64u resonantly. Fed up, switching all my business elsewhere.

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    Me too! I expect to see a reasonable explanation for the outage, unlike previous outages, where I've asked and received nothing. Strange that both their name servers are offline as well. Either their DNS servers are both VMs on the same down cluster (bad), or they didn't pay their bill (worse).

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    Looks like things just came back. My VM is powered off however.

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    Back for me aswell. My vm was powered on. My monitoring shows 0d 7h 13m 10s of downtime.

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    Yep, I'm able to get on now, but my VDS doesn't show any current power state.

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    Our VDS just came back up.

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    "Our datacenter experienced a power outage due to a snow storm that had been ongoing for the last 48+ hours. We're sorry for the inconvenience."

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