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    Post Contact form acting like a shopping cart

    Hey guys,

    Here's what I am trying to achieve, it's more of a contact form with an integrated catalog or database to contain some basic information, but the trick is, when you click checkout it only sends an email with the selected products and contact filled spaces. I already have a .php form with the mailing and contact/shipping details integrated, the thing is that I don't know how to create the script that when you select the dimensions of the product and click on "add to cart" to add that product in the contact form you only have to fill in the quantity or remove the product.

    Can anyone help me ?

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    First, welcome to the WHT community!

    Second, why don't you just use a ecommerce script if you are going to sell things? It would be much easier in the long run.
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    It's better to use some professional e-commerce softwares. Most of these softwares have advances features in terms of performance and security and also the software providers do provide technical support to their customers if they have any doubts or get stuck in a problem.

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    Most of the commercial scripts should have plug-ins for offline payment methods.

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    with the form set action to say "confirm.php"

    and in confirm.php make a page in html that says "thank you, etc"

    and in php do this

    $message = print_r($_REQUEST,true);
    mail("[email protected]","New Order",$message);

    that will do it
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